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Hello again everyone!

I'm not sure if you're having as much trouble with these fruit flies as we are, but they are EVERYWHERE. Seriously. They've been driving me crazy in the kitchen all week. I've taken the trash out, covered the fruit, and they still keep coming. I broke down and finally tried putting out a bowl of apple cider vinegar + dish soap.. and guess what? It worked! They're all GONE. 

Have you ever experienced a situation like that? Where you intended to do something all week, but put if off and then when you finally got around to it, the benefits were SO GREAT that you wondered why you didn't do it sooner?

We've been hearing similar stories from friends that have started using some of our homemade products. Finally switched to using clean, soy wax candles or melts rather than the toxin-filled ones you find in the store (you know what I'm talking about). Yes! Finally broke down and took a nice bath with one of our bath bombs, and wound up with skin feeling SO SOFT and wonderful. Finally gave that magnesium balm a try and got a good nights' sleep. Finally!

I hope y'all know that we make these products because WE LOVE THEM. Farmhouse19 started and became a business because we wanted to be living cleaner lifestyles. Whether that's your goal, or you just enjoy something we make, we're so happy to have you along on this journey with us!

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