I think it's time for an update!

Hi friends! We've been pretty quiet since December and I think we're overdue for an update, don't you think?! 

Even though we've been pretty quiet on social media there is a LOT going on behind the scenes at Farmhouse19, Jenn has been busy trying and configuring new recipes and products to bring you this season. You may have seen we recently launched our Postpartum Herbal Healing Soak in which Jenn collaborated with Stephanie from Waconia Women's Health and they created this aromatic soak to help new mamas heal after birth. We are pumped for the opportunity to help support new moms in this special way and we hope you are too! This product is now available on our website and will also be available at Waconia Women's Health soon.

But, wait, there's more!! Things are going to look a little different this upcoming season for Farmhouse19 because we're adding a new team member - say whaaa?! Jenn is expecting a little bundle of germs, I mean joy, at the end of May (or whenever baby decides to make its debut)! We are going to utilize this season to try out a new event schedule, which we will announce as we go about this spring, summer and fall. You can expect to see us make appearances (provided we can have events this season) at our usual spots, watch your email for updates on upcoming events and news. If you haven't joined our newsletter, do so now so you don't miss these announcements.

In the meantime, we are encouraging you to purchase online, tag us in your Facebook & Instagram posts, invite your friends to follow & like our social media pages (@farmhouse19) and help us grow through this crazy time! If you're local and would rather arrange a pickup, send us an email and we will work with you. Know that if there is a delay in response or shipping, a baby may be to blame! Please have patience with us as we navigate adding our newest team member and get everyone trained in! ;)

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