About Us

Hello and welcome to Farmhouse19!

We are so excited that you're here and to share this wonderful adventure with you. 




We are Jenn and Allison, co-owners of Farmhouse19. Our journey in business began as a phone conversation in 2014, 1,077 miles and 3 states apart. Today we are focused on growing our business locally and online. We set up our online shop in 2015 and seasonally participate in local farmers' markets.

We are often asked how Farmhouse19 came to be and why we make the products we do. The answer, to keep it short, comes down to our personal reactions to chemicals and fragrances in everyday products. Be it an intense headache catching an overwhelming whiff of a synthetic fragrance, or a skin reaction to chemicals in everyday lotions or soaps - we've experienced it. We strive to offer chemical-free options for those who struggle with the same issues, and to those that are just starting the journey toward living healthier. 

As we continually transform our lives to be free of harmful chemicals and toxins, we will share our stories along the way on our blog & social media! Because of our mission to live more organically, all of our products are made with the highest quality essential oils and ingredients available. We will continue this standard as we develop products moving forward to benefit you and the planet. We use natural ingredients, without toxins, giving you peace of mind when using any of our products in your home.




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